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How can I find out how much VAT I pay?

If you are a Fan in a country where VAT is applicable, you will see an additional line item when making your purchase.

We list the amount of VAT added to applicable payments in your Account. The following table provides the VAT rate that each country requires (this list is not exhaustive and is correct as at 1st of January 2023)

Country Value-Added Tax Rate
Austria 20%
Belgium 21%
Bulgaria 20%
Croatia 25%
Cyprus 19%
Czech Republic 21%
Denmark 25%
Estonia 20%
Finland 24%
France 20%
Germany 19%
Greece 24%
Hungary 27%
Ireland 23%
Italy 22%
Latvia 21%
Lithuania 21%
Luxembourg 16%
Malta 18%
Netherlands 21%
Poland 23%
Portugal 23%
Romania 19%
Slovakia 20%
Slovenia 22%
Spain 21%
Sweden 25%
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 20%


*Note: The VAT rate percentages listed above are based on information provided by the European Commission. Since tax laws and rates vary from country to country, the amount will be different for different Fans. The money that My-Fans collects as a result of these laws will be paid directly to local governments.